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PresidentSteve Griffin[email protected]
Vice-President Brad McKean[email protected]
Marty Gray[email protected]
Treasurer Madeline Lamb[email protected]
Player AgentJustin Cracolice[email protected]
Safety Officer Steve Hendrix[email protected]
Umpire-in-Chief (U.I.C) David DaRif[email protected]
Technology OfficerAndrew Watkins[email protected]
Coaching Coordinator Steve Griffin[email protected]
Sponsor Fundraising Manager Brad McKean[email protected]
Fields Manager Matt Brinkman[email protected]
Equipment ManagerTony Martini[email protected]
Scheduling CoordinatorAndrew Watkins[email protected]

Roles & Responsibilities

League Officers

Annually, the regular membership of each Little League® is required to meet and elect a Board of Directors. Following the election, the Board of Directors will meet and elect its officers from within the membership of the board.

The officers required are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Agent, Coaching Coordinator, and Safety Officer. All officers should be members of the league’s Board of Directors.

League duties concerning player selection, the transfer of players from Minor Leagues and schedule supervision, should be properly vested in the league’s player agent.

Briefly, the duties of league officers and Board of Directors can be summed up as follows:

Board of Directors

The management of the property and affairs of the local league shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The directors shall, upon election, immediately enter upon the performance of their duties and shall continue in office until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified.

The board membership shall include the officers, including player agent, and a minimum of one manager and one volunteer umpire. (Only volunteer umpires may be elected to the board.) The number of managers and coaches including Minor League representation elected to the board shall not exceed a minority of the total board members. Every board member should have a copy of the Little League Rulebook with Operating Policies for reference to proper operating procedures and policies.

The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint such standing and special committees as it shall determine by the constitution and to delegate such powers to them as the board shall deem advisable and which it may properly delegate.

The board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its meetings and the management of the league as it may deem proper.

The board shall have the power by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular or special meeting to discipline, suspend or remove any director or officer or committee member of the league, subject to provisions of the constitution.


Presides at league meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league. The president receives all mail, supplies, and other communications from the Little League International. The president must see to it that league personnel is properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League. The league president is the contact between the local organization and Little League International.


Vice President

Presides in the absence of the president; works with other officers and committee members; is ex-official member of all committees and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.


Maintains a register of members and directors; records the minutes of meetings; is responsible for sending out notice of meetings, issues membership cards and maintains a record of league’s activities.



Maintains social media for the Olentangy Braves Little League.  Sends communication on board members behalf to the league.  Responds to all inquiries within 24-48 hours.


Signs checks co-signed by another officer or director; dispenses league funds as approved by the Board of Directors; reports on the status of league funds; keeps local league books and financial records; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances.


Player Agent

Conducts annual tryouts, and is in charge of player selection, assists president in checking birth records and eligibility of players; serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the local league and generally supervises and coordinates the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to provisions of the regulations of Little League.


Safety Officer

Coordinates all safety activities; ensures safety in player training; ensures safe playing conditions; coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries; solicits suggestions for making conditions safer; reports suggestions to Little League International through the league president and prepares the ASAP plan for submission to Little League International.


Umpire-in-Chief (U.I.C.)

Serves as coordinator of and advises the league President on the league umpire program; responsible for recommending umpires to the league President for appointment to the league umpire roster; recruiting and retaining volunteer umpires; establishing a league umpire training program consistent with Little League® guidelines; coordinating and assisting with conducting umpire clinics at league and district level; communicating rule changes to league umpires; scheduling league umpires for regular season games; evaluating league umpires using established guidelines to maintain program integrity; further continual improvement, and prepare league umpires for advancement to tournament levels; communicating with and providing updates to the District Umpire Consultant on the league umpire program, and attending Umpire Training programs at the District, State, Region, and/or Headquarters level.

Technology Officer

Sets up and manages league’s official website; sets up online registration and ensures the league rosters are uploaded to Little League; assigns online administrative rights to other local volunteers; encourages creation of team web sites to managers, coaches, and parents; ensures that league news and scores are updated online on a regular basis; collects, posts, and distributes important information on league activities including direct dissemination of fundraising and sponsor activities to Little League, the district, the public, league members, and the media; serves as primary contact person for Little League and Dick’s Team Sports HQ regarding optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and to Little League International. Provides player, coach, and manager records to Little League International in electronic format.

Coaching Coordinator

Represents coaches/managers in league; presents a coach/ manager training budget to the board; gains the support and funds necessary to implement a league-wide training program; orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches and managers; coordinates mini-clinics as necessary; serves as the contact person for Little League and its manager-coach education. Receives and distributes coaching information from Little League International and distributes to all coaches and managers.


Sponsor Fundraising Manager

Solicits and secures local sponsorships to support league operations; collects and reviews sponsorship and fundraising opportunities; organizes and implements approved league fundraising activities; coordinates participation in fundraising activities; and maintains records of monies secured through sponsorship and fundraising initiatives.

Fields Manager

Maintains fields by mowing, ordering chalk, draining water, picking weeds, raking leaves, etc. Coordinates field days with board and/or league members. Takes trash bags to dumpsters at all fields.

Scheduling Coordinator

Provides scheduling for all divisions in the league including open field space for practices.  Coordinates any conflicts or schedule changes including game cancellations/reschedules.  Maintains master schedule and changes in a global calendar via league TSHQ website.

Equipment Coordinator

Responsible for the distribution and collection of league equipment.  Must coordinate with the Treasurer if new equipment is needed.

All-Star Coordinator

Throughout the season will maintain communication with coaches on who potential All-Star players are following each game.  Will coordinate All-Star workout day(s).  Responsible for working with the President, Vice-President, and 2 other members to determine All-Star team selection.  Coordinates with All-Star coaches for practices and Scheduling Coordinator for field space.  Orders jerseys and hats for All-Star teams.  Gathers all paperwork needed for All-Star requirements from District.

Division Commissioner(s)

Responds to any division specific questions, concerns, or compliments.  Represent families, teams, and coaches for their division.

Local Sponsors

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