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Olentangy Little League FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions are listed below. This section will be updated based on the time of the year and any "hot topics" that may need to be addressed for our baseball community. Please check back often as this page will change as needed. If you have specific questions please request an answer by emailing [email protected] and we will respond to your question within 48 hours or will add it to the FAQ's in the future. 


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Divisions for ages 4-12 are affiliated with Little League International. Olentangy Little League is a part of Ohio District 6. We follow Little League International rules and guidelines. All players who register to play in our organization will be placed on a team. We do not cut players and typically have 6-10 teams per division serving more than 400 players each season.

We offer playing opportunities for families with players aged 4-12.

Division NameRecommended
League Ages
League Ages 
"Junior" Tee Ball4-54-5
"Senior" Tee Ball65-7
"A" Minor - Coach Pitch76-8
"AA" Minor - Coach Pitch87-9
"AAA" Minor - Player Pitch9-108-10
"AAA+" Minor - Player Pitch10-119-11
Major - Player Pitch1211-12


Players will be placed by default into each division by official Little League Age, as determined by the League Age Calculator.

Registration for our spring season is usually open annually December - February. Likewise, registration for our fall season is usually open from June-July. Information is available on the front page of our website and under our REGISTRATION INFO tab in the AVAILABLE PROGRAMS page. Registration flyers also are sent out electronically to all Olentangy school students within our district boundaries. If you have further questions please contact us at [email protected].

The Olentangy Little League charter includes households who are primarily in the Olentangy Braves, Berlin, and Orange School Districts. With the recent changes to school boundaries, this is not a hard rule but more of a guideline.

If you do not live inside the boundaries of another Little League, it is possible for you to register and play in Olentangy Little League via a waiver form.

If you're not sure which Little League serves your area, please reference our Boundary Map. If there are any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

Each player will need to provide proof of residency or attendance of a school within our league boundaries. The easiest method to do this is via the School Enrollment Form, which can be submitted upon registration or any time until the last Evaluation date, by uploading the document through your profile on the website.

Olentangy Little League's ID is 263722. This number identifies our league with Little League International.

Registration fees go towards the purchase of each player's uniform, baseball field access, equipment needed for field maintenance, insurance, and more.

If you would like to cancel your registration, please send an email to [email protected].

We are only accepting online payments for registration at this time.

We do offer scholarships for discounted registration. You will need to provide proof of free or reduced lunches (the letter you received from the school district is perfect). Contact us at [email protected].


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All ''A'' Minor, ''AA'' Minor, ''AAA'' Minor, and Major players must attend evaluations. Tee Ball players do not need to attend evaluations unless you would like to validate uniform sizing.

All ''A'', ''AA'', ''AAA'', and Major players will be evaluated on their baseball skills during player evaluations. Please visit the website after January 1st for specific tryout times and locations. In general, players will be evaluated on their hitting, throwing/catching, fielding, and running ability.  Please note this is not a tryout as our league will not turn away any players as long as they are eligible per Little League rules.  Each player should bring their glove and bat.  If necessary, all required equipment will be provided for you.

Yes, all ''A'', ''AA'', ''AAA'', and Major players will be evaluated on their baseball skills during player evaluations every year.

Team size will vary by division. On average, we will assign between 10 - 12 players per team so that we can maximize participation and development opportunities. However all teams are based on the availability of coaches and the appropriate interest levels of players.

For "Junior" and "Senior" Tee Ball Divisions, as well as the "A" and "AA" Minor Coach Pitch Division, we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. All requests must be made during registration time, no other requests outside of the registration system will be considered.  Requests are not guaranteed, but will be considered depending on team size and formation. For a request to be considered, a matching request must be reciprocated. We aim to form teams based on which school the child attends and where possible, where they live.

Players ages 4-6 do not attend evaluations.  Players ages 7-8 participate in an evaluation process, after which the players are placed on teams by the "Junior" Tee Ball, "Senior" Tee Ball, "A" Minor and "AA" Minor Division Commissioners after evaluations are completed. Teams are based on neighborhoods, school locations, and skill level to ensure a level playing field. Special player and coach requests can be made through registration, but are not guaranteed.

For "AAA" Minor and Major divisions each player must participate in an evaluation process, after which coaches select players for their teams in a draft. The goal is to have balanced teams by distributing talent evenly. Twelve-year-olds must play in the Major Division. The balance of the Major Division teams are made up of the top scores in evaluations among 11 and 12-year-olds. The 9 and 10-year-olds play in the "AAA" Minor Division, as that is when they learn to pitch. All players that register for our programs are placed on teams regardless of ability as we are open to all interested players and place all players on teams.

Team selection and information will be sent to team managers and coaches before the first practice.

Player placement into divisions will be based on age. If the players are eligible to play in the same division, they will be placed on the same team unless requested otherwise. All team formation procedures will be followed based on the division.

League and team communication will be conducted via email, through the league website, and the Team Manager mobile app.

Yes! The league's Marketing and Information Officers manage Olentangy Little League's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The league website also has new social media integration capabilities, which are now available on the league home page.


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There will be up to three team events (practice or game) per week.  Practices are usually 90 minutes, games can last up to 2 hours.

If you're like us, you think about baseball all year! But, the bulk of your commitment to Olentangy Little League will typically be from April through June. Warm ups and evaluations (for all players) are usually in early March. Most team practices begin in early April. Games begin for the older ages as early as the last week of April. For all divisions the regular season will end in June, with the Little League World Series district tournaments running throughout July.

Opening Day is usually the first Saturday in May.  All teams participate and festivities include a parade, announcement of each team, players, and coaches, as well as a season opening pitch.  Many league sponsors and vendors will also be in attendance.

During the regular season, weeknight games start at 6:15 PM and last no more than 2 hours. All games are played at Olentangy Little League fields, which are listed on our website. All ages will play some games on weekends during the season on Saturdays. Sunday afternoons and weekday evenings may be used for makeup games.

The Scheduling Coordinator and Team Coaches schedule practices. There are typically 1-2 practices per week (max) at the Tee Ball levels. At the Minor and Major division levels there are more games and all practices are assigned to each team.

  • The following are provided for each player - jersey, hat, belt, and socks.
  • 9" to 10" to start
  • When buying a glove (leather, not plastic or vinyl) buy one that the child finds comfortable. Small hands require small gloves.
CleatsYes, beyond Tee Ball
  • There is a difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats, but children can use soccer cleats for baseball. No metal cleats are permitted.
  • All bats must be a USA Baseball bat standard (USABat). See this link for more details:
  • Players in the Tee Ball divisions should use tee ball "USABat" bats.
  • To determine which bat is proper for a child, please see this page for more information:How to Buy the Right Baseball Bat.
  • Older players should find a bat that is comfortable for them. The “drop weight” is important. The “drop” is the difference between the length and the weight of the bat. For example, a bat that is 28” long and weighs 16oz is “-12” or "drop 12".
HelmetsProvided / Optional for purchase
  • Batting helmets are provided by the league.League helmets are to be shared. If your child has his/her own helmet, it does not need to be shared.
Boys protective cupHighly recommended
Heart guardHighly recommended
  • Heart guards, protective undershirts, etc are highly recommended. More and more kids are starting to wear these as a standard part of their uniform.

Yes, each division has minimum play requirements.


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No, however the entire league is organized and ran exclusively by volunteers.  Each member of the board of directors and every coach has volunteered.  Without volunteers this league will cease to exist.

Yes! We have implemented a volunteer discount, which will be as follows:

- Team Manager (Head Coach):  50% refund of division registration cost per team coached.
- Assistant Coach:  30% refund of division registration cost per team coached.
- Scorekeeper:  20% refund of division registration cost per team.

The discount will be applied as a refund or credit back to your account at the end of the season, pending a review of volunteer duty completion as well as no disciplinary actions received during the season.

First, thank you for your interest! Coaches are very important in our organization. To proceed, please register as a volunteer by the end of registration in order to receive full consideration. You will be contacted regarding your interest and appointment after player registration closes. All positions are volunteer and require you to complete an online application, background check, and proof of certificate of concussion training. You will also be required to attend our volunteer meetings for the level you plan to coach.

Our goal is to have a minimum of three coaches per team at all levels, with most levels requiring four coaches (one Team Manager and two or three assistant coaches). The numbers are dependent on the interest level of our parents and families that are interested in coaching each season. Coaches represent the largest group of volunteers that are needed to have a successful season. We will do our best to train them properly for success in developing each player. Because of their level of contact with players and families, coaches must pass a criminal background check and mandatory concussion training. They also commit to the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance.


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The Olentangy Little League Board of Directors comprises a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, safety coordinator, player agents, scheduling coordinators, communication officer and a uniform coordinator. Commissioners for each division are non-voting members of the board. All members are volunteers, typically parents or long-time supporters of Olentangy Little League. To see who is serving in each role for the current season, visit the BOARD OF DIRECTORS page under the ABOUT US tab on our website.

We fill open board positions through an election process in October. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about the board to join an upcoming board meeting, or reach out to the president or vice president. We are always looking for volunteers to assist with special events such as evaluations or field day. Volunteering is an easy way to get to know the organization and members of the board. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

Yes! We meet at least once per month and all meetings are open to the public. If you plan to attend an upcoming board meeting please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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